Milling Heads – Cabezales de fresado


Multi-angular head with automatic tool clamping

Technical specifications

  • Bodies arranged at 45° with respect to each other.
  • Maximum transmissible torque from 550 Nm to 3.180 Nm.
  • Maximum speed from 1.800 rpm to 3.000 rpm.
  • Automatic clamping of the tool, driven by a hydro-mechanical system.
  • Standard tool taper DIN-2080 / 69871 and pull stud DIN-69872 (possibility to manufacture for other types).
  • Spindles and gears are made of case-hardened and tempered chrome-nickel.
  • High-precision angular contact ball bearings.


  • Cooling of bearings of the spindle, maximum speed up to 4.000 rpm (only for VAR-3 and VAR-5 head models).
  • External tool cooling.
  • Internal tool cooling, type AD, with rotary joint.
  • Air jet for cleaning the tool tapper.

Model VAR-2

Rated power: 11 kW

Max.  torque: 550 Nm

Max. speed: 3.000 rpm

Model VAR-3

Rated power: 22 kW

Max. torque: 1.000 Nm

Max. speed: 3.000 rpm

Model VAR-5

Rated power: 25,7 kW

Max. torque: 1370 Nm

Max. speed: 3.000 rpm

Model VAR-7

Rated power: 44,1 kW

Max. torque: 3.180 Nm

Max. speed: 2.000 rpm